To released hostages

Despite the ceasefire, the problem of hostages held by militants of “Luhansk People’s Republic” and “Donetsk People’s Republic” remains very serious. These “militia” hold hundreds of prisoners, many of whom disappeared without a trace.Our message is addressed to those who were released.
In Ukraine, there are state, regional and volunteer organizations helping in liberating hostages. Negotiations are a complex and lengthy process. The result depends on timely and accurate information on a person’s whereabouts. Militants often hide who and where they keep hostage. Also, hostages are often moved from one place to another, so if today your loved one is being held in Luhansk, there is no guarantee that he will still be there tomorrow.

Volunteers of “Vostok-SOS” and “Donbas-SOS” organizations kindly request everyone released hostage:
There are hundreds of people in our database whose relatives know nothing about their fate. Every day we try to reassure mothers who for months had no news from their children. We ask everyone who had been held hostage and was released to contact us immediately. Tell us where you were kept and who you saw. Maybe your story will help to save someone’s life. Also, to wives and children, mothers and fathers it will be a tremendous joy and relief to know their loved ones are still alive. Thus you will give hope and contribute to a person’s salvation. In our turn we ensure that without your explicit request none of the information you provide will appear in the press. And even if asked we will not publish information that could pose a threat to someone’s life or health. For us human life is a supreme value. Liberation from captivity is the main goal and congratulating relatives with the release of their loved ones is the greatest joy.

We would also like to remind every released hostage of a number of volunteer initiatives offering help and support. Volunteer psychologists in every city are ready to provide professional assistance to all who need it. There are hospitals in Kiev where you can get free examination; plenty of volunteers ready to help you with clothes, medicines, or accommodation search; lawyers ready to advise you free of charge and to help prepare a statement for police, if needed.

We ask everyone, who was held hostage by militants, to accept help and help others to do it.

Our phone number: +380 99 736 42 41
E-mail: [email protected]

Strong together!