Childhood under peaceful sky




For the sake of children’s smiles, our friends – Kramatorsk centre of forced migrants – organized an entertainment show for the children from the ATO zone on September,6.

Last Saturday clowns Kliopa and Knopa visited the kids, who live in Kramatorsk now, and presented them with a real feast! Games, contests, tricks – that’s all for the young migrants’ joy. Another surprise was waiting for the children after the bright show – delicious pizza, ice-cream and cakes, in other words, a real treat. 110 kids were lucky to be at this feast.
Kramatorsk centre of forced migrants gives many thanks to all those who has taken part in organization of this charity event:
– The administration of “Sladkaya zhizn” for the help with sweets, biscuits, ice-cream. Sweets save from stress!
– Nesterova Zinaida and café “Roshchitsa” for the amazing pizza for our little friends!
– Kliopa and Knopa, too: their funny tricks and jokes help kids overcome sadness and forget about hardships.

The centre of forced migrants is situated in 20 Transportnaya str, Kramatorsk.

Together we are the power!