They stayed with Ukraine. They just want to survive

pensioner“Daughter, we don’t have anything to eat. I am 54 years old, and my mother has for 80. She survived famine and didn’t think that in the third millennium will starve. We are out of a town and we don’t have any carrots, or even potato .. Help .. my daughter! “- pluck tears woman.

This call was yesterday from Donetsk. Similar call was from Kramatorsk.

“I don’t ask someone else. Let list me just … earned retirement. As some will live. I have bought already for a penny some hoodie in a second hand. I don’t need clothes, I just want to eat and get the retirment …” – she continued.

People, people, people …

I don’t want to look at the Donbass in the context of all the people. I hear every grandmother, woman, mother and child.
They stayed with Ukraine. They just want to survive. Let’s just help. We need people in Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities in the area of ATO. You don’t need to spend money – you just need to bring food and clothing to people who can’t walk.
Please repost and all requests assistance send in private messages.
Thank you!
Автор: Iva Repnitska