Save with love

This story can happen any moment if you live in the East of Ukraine. You are going peacefully in some public transport, watching the views out of the window. Then, in a moment – bullets are flying, and what is notable, shooting is not chaotic but aiming. The bus glass is cracking, bursting in the compartment, the first blood apperars. Panic is around you and you can sense death so close… Unfortunately, such situations have become common and people are innocent victims. But it is not about our hero. Wonders do happen! And that is how it happens: in the moment when hope is gone, a chance occurs for those who does not even think about it.

Whether it is a misfortune for the 9-year-old Bogdan Rudiak to get into such a situation or a real luck to survive in that hell – who knows… The boy was returning home with his mother, was going from Berdiansk to Alchevsk. The car was caught into severe insurgents’ firing at Iasinovataia checkpoint. Some people were killed, the boy got burns and shrapnel wounds. His mother Natalia suffered a bit less.

The first medical aid was given to Bogdan by the Ukrainian soldiers. They hid him in a trench, applied Celox, stopped the bleeding and transported to the hospital in the Town of Debaltsevo. The boy was treated partially but better conditions were needed to take big pieces out of the wounds. Bogdan and his mother needed transportation.

Donbass SOS volunteeres “caught up” the situation. Activist convinced the mother not to put off moving to another place, and on a Semptember evening Bogdan and his mother started for Kramatorsk.

“In the city he was operated by the chief doctor of the traumatology unit, Sergiy Diomochka,” – tells emotionally Nadia Khomenko, a coordinator of Kramatorsk centre of forced migrants. – Two big pieces were taken out of the chest and ankle cuff. Little Bogdan is a courageous guy! He is smiling and feeling much better. Now he is studying un a Kramatorsk school, he was given the necessary stationery. The child is safe now.

Donbass SOS coordinators were always in touch, supported the mother morally. Kramatorsk volunteers are still taking care of the family – find warm clothes and shoes.

If you want to help the suffered in the ATO zone. Support volunteer projects – contact our call centre and join our initiatives.

You can also give help to Kramatorsk centre of forced migrants by sending money to PrivatBank card 5457 0823 9155 5682 (Khomenko Nadezhda).

We are stronger together!