Humanitarian sphere


Today families of temporarily displaced are felling strong shortage of warm clothes and food. While our government is thinking over the possibly of granting these people special status, the volunteers keep providing assistance to them. Warm clothes, food, medication – the list of the most essential things is expanding day by day.
Donbass SOS develops the sphere of humanitarian assistance rendering. Our team has already acquired our own storehouse – and now we are building good neighborly relations with action group “Nastup”, its moderators have given us shelter in the hangar-like room at Zhytomyrskaya subway station. Absence of electricity and far-away location do not scare us at all. Thank you, guys, for your help!

Thanks to JSC Bankomsvyaz its initiative workers and its wonderful director – Larisa Sagan we have received clothes for women, men and children, bed-clothes and houseware. Moreover, our activists have spent whole Sunday at the famous stockhouse of Volonterskaya Sotnya. We are very grateful of Lesya Litvinova and her “little country in Frolovskaya”. There are so many sympathetic people in Kiev here around us, and their readiness to support another person in difficult situation is really inspiring. You are incredible people!

On Sunday collected packages with warm clothes and children wear were parceled up, packed and sent to the Kramatorsk assistance centre for displaced people. Volunteers Mikhail, Taras and Ivan gave us their hand with auto transportation in this matter. We have also cheered up people, who are in need now in Kramatorsk, with soft mattresses and blankets – all that thing have been allocated to a liberated city. Our team expresses its appreciation to “Nova Poshta”, company for providing quick and qualified delivery.

We strongly need your support! Please, help us gather and deliver humanitarian assistance to those, who need it.


  1. Vegetables: potato, onion, carrot, beet.
  2. Pasta products.
  3. Sunflower oil.
  4. Cereal products: buckwheat, rise, barley groats, millet, peeled barley, manna, oat and wheat groats, grits.
  5. Sugar, salt.
  6. Baby food.
  7. Tea, coffee.
  8. Cookies and gingerbreads.
  9. Tomato paste.
  10. Condensed milk.
  11. Dries fruits, nuts.
  12. Tinned stew.
  13. Meat and fish tinned goods and pastes.
  14. Chocolate.
  15. Honey.
  16. Soda.

Household needs

  1. Tooth brushes and paste.
  2. Shampoo.
  3. Washing, toilet and baby soap.
  4. Children diapers (№ 1-6).
  5. Adult diapers (M and L size).
  6. Feminine sanitary products.
  7. Toilet paper.
  8. Washing powder.
  9. Houseware.
  10. Baby cream.
  11. Candles, matches.
  12. Accumulators.
  13. Flash-lights.
  14. Mobile vouchers.

Join our work for collecting humanitarian assistance, call indicated hot-line numbers, and we explain how and where we can collect your contribution to the common good cause.

  • 0 800 30 911 0

We have no financial assistance and we are not funded by charity organizations. We exist due to our own initiative and for the purpose of providing aid to those people, who have got into trouble far away from their homes.

Please, support NGO “Donbass SOS”


Reference: Voluntary donation for conducting of statutory activity of NGO “Donbass SOS”.

We are stronger together!