To Donbas…

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Svetlana’s child has caught a cold. She doesnot need a sick-voucher as the windows of her kindergarten were broken by a bomb blasta month ago and the doors are screwed up. Sometimes Sveta brings the daughter to her job, but what should she do now when the temperature is almost 40°C Here is the pediatrician’s prescription… It seems like a mockery: scarce chemist’s shops are still open. Their town is situated in the frontier zone and the war is so close, reminding of itself with loud shooting across the river.
Svetlana knocks shyly at doors of the town organizations, stands patiently in queues for a food package and keeps looking for a solution. Medication is also need by the neighbor kids, an elderly Masha and there is also a hostel fast beside. Ten families of forced migrants live there while their home town does not exist anymore… Warm clothes would be a great help.

“Without hope I hope”, Sveta sums up her request to our coordinators on humanitarian branch. And work starts humming in D SOS office: lists are being formed, a targeted aid is being planned, and kind wizards are kept in touch as they are able to fetch relief close to hell.

This week our team has sent large amounts of EVERYTHING to the East, according to the list. Friends, it will take a bit – and we will reach the scale of an eighteen-wheeler! Food, clothes, medication… This all is collected by you! Parcels come from Italy and Lithuania. We are grateful to everybody who dedicates a couple of hours in the evening to volunteer job (hugs to Viktoria and Tamara). We thank to the administration of the retail chain For a for the wonderful opportunity to spend an evening on your areas! We shake hands with the incredible Andrey and powerful Yevgeniy!

We wish stamina and patience to our eternal D SOS coordinators – Irina and Oksana, the hardest part of the job is laid upon their fragile women’s shoulders. They have everything sorted, signed and laid in boxes. Something will find its addressee tomorrow and somebody will have to wait for a week because the situation on the roads of Donbass is unstable. Among the big boxes and packages one can see a parcel to a border town, to Sveta.
In a few daysSveta contacts our call centre and reports in a cheerful voice: everything is received! She boasts with a photo report and tells us for a long time how happy children are to get warm clothes, that her little girl has no fever. A bit later, people call from Makeievka, Donetsk, Gorlovka and Starobeshevo district – all the parcels are delivered.

Peace to all of us.
We invite you to collaboration! You can become a part of our friendly team by contacting our call centre 0 800 30 911 0.
You can help by refilling our bank account.

Strong together!