D-SOS Hotline Modernized

шлюзThanks to innovative technologies, all landline calls to our call-center are now free!

   Donbas SOS implements new possibilities to connect. Thanks to brand new gateway GSM OpenVox VS-GW 1200-4G our overloaded hotline discovers the world of innovative technologies. We will now be able to save on mobile services, increase the volume of free incoming and outgoing calls from landlines. We thank everybody who contributed to this indispensable buy that cost 4 485 hryvnyas!
Huge thanks to the private entrepreneur S.N. Itchenko from Chernigiv for almost 50 per cent discount. All the savings were donated to humanitarian aid.

D-SOS closely monitors donations received on its current account and strongly believes that there are no indifferent people in Ukraine! The amount of one-time donations ranged from 5 to 2 970 hryvnyas (big hug to our dear Tamara who contributed the latter amount). Now GSM-gateway decorates our office awaiting its connection and setting. It has great number of advantages, and what is more, it cares about our health by reducing harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation thus keeping volonteers mobile and efficient.
We invite you to join us!
You can become a part of our united team by calling our hotline 0 800 30 911 0

Together we are strong!