Donbas SOS


Donbass-SOS – is a non-government organization founded on March 14, 2014 as a community of volunteers and activists with the goal of aiding the civilian population of the combat zone in Eastern Ukraine.

Context of the problem:  The ongoing armed struggle in Ukraine poses grave and imminent threats and risks to the locals of the Donbas region. Apparent inability of the government to properly assist affected people prompts the creation of a dedicated initiative designed to monitor and improve human rights situation in the embattled region and its vicinity.

The goal of the Donbas SOS is to minimize human rights violation in the area engulfed by war and provide relief to people in need.

Objectives of the Donbas SOS are to:

  • provide administrative assistance to the population of the combat zone and internally displaced persons (IDPs) (assistance in leaving the combat zone, outlining temporary and permanent settlement options, legal counsel, general IDPs guidance) via Call Centre, print and social media;
  • gather, process and distribute information regarding ways to safely the combat zone;
  • coordinate efforts of NGOs, the government and private individuals to address IDPs’ needs (legal, medical and humanitarian aid);
  • aiding hostages and prisoners of war;
  • provide psychological aid to the IDPs and freed hostages;
  • nurture an atmosphere of dialogue and cooperation between affected population and Ukrainian government.

We aim to achieve our goals through:

  • Donnas SOS Call Centre: hotline providing assistance with:
    • fleeing the zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO);
    • mapping safe routes to leave the ATO zone;
    • temporary and permanent settlement of IDPs elsewhere within Ukraine;
    • informing about proper registration procedures for IDPs, securing social benefits payments, aiding in passport recovery, employment options, university transfers, et cetera;
    • further IDP guidance, social reintegration, psychological aid;
    • accumulation, analysis and distribution of vital information to IDPs;
    • coordinating efforts of various organizations and private agents in aiding IDPs.
  • Information activities:
    • Road map for IDPs;
    • online leaflets “Donbas-SOS recommends”.
  • Human rights monitoring missions conducted in the ATO zone in collaboration with other human rights groups, conducted in order to register instances of human rights violations;
  • Gathering information on people being held hostage, aiding their families, assisting people freed hostages.