Reminder. How to survive in area of the ATO


Dear friends!

Donbas SOS together with  the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies  developed «Reminder. How to survive in area of the ATO» .
This Reminder contains useful sections to help those who remained in ATO zone: how to behave during the fighting, what you need to know and take with you when there is emergency evacuation. The Reminder also contains important contacts such as of governmental and nongovernmental organizations, initiatives, organizations and foundations that carry out direct assistance to the people in the area of ATO and those who left ATO zone.
Please, distribute the Reminder to all who are in ATO zone. You can print and distribute it, putting the leaflets into your neighbors’ mailboxes or leave them in public places (railway stations, banks, shops, markets, etc.).

Download a color version of the Reminder
Download a black-and-white version of the Reminder

*Please note, that the files are ready for printing.The Guideline consists of two A4 sheets printed on both sides, which can fold into a booklet A5 size with 8 pages. For convenience, we have prepared the proper numbering and layout of the sheets.

There is the Reminder  in electronic form for your convenience

Thanks to Yu Barabash for the design and layout

Together we are the power!