Magic Gift

At this winter tale time, Saint Nicholas brings plenty of treats for good boys and girls. Children hold their breath waiting for the miracle,especially those not having their parents around.

Kids from children’s homes, including those from Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone should receive their sweet gift! Donbas SOS will collect during next two weeks candies and bags of sweets for 300 little migrants and residents of orphanages. We appeal to NGOs, philanthropists and every kind-hearted adult to help children live their fairy tale.

You can donate sweeties of any brand, or ready gift package from a store, as well as a large shipment directly to our warehouse where we will prepare individual packages. Children also need clothes, food, diapers and warm outfits for the babies.

Hurry up and join this magic action! Call us: 0 800 30 911 0 from 9 am to 9 pm (calls are free)

Let’s light a hope and belief in fairy tales in children’s eyes! Love and warmth can overcome any trouble. Let there be Peace and Winter Tale for everybody!

Strong together!