D SOS and international trust

Donbass SOS has received financial support from the International Renaissance Foundation. Our team was among the eighteen organizations given the credit of trust. Before that D SOS had no grant history.
Enormous job is lying before us in the coming three months: modernizing the call centre, printing useful materials, developing information sphere. 48 thousand hryvnyas are given for the project, major transformations are to be performed in the call centre – a megaphone of the ATO zone and connection with the colleagues not only in Donbass but all around Ukraine. There was created a unique database and interactive groups of coordination online.
Right at the beginning of our activity, the main motto of D SOS call centre was realization of the right for social case management: not a single call must be lost, each request must have a positive solution. We strive to this goal and get decent results.
More than eight months Donbass SOS gives information and coordination help to residents of the ATO zone and forced migrants, provides them with relief case management, elaborating new transporting possibilities for evacuation and addressed delivery of help.
Together we are strong!