We have got a new warehouse!

If people inspired by the same idea agree about cooperation, one can say confidently – everything will go at full speed. It is tried and proved in practice! Co-orperative work for the benefit of of a volunteer mission succeeds a friendly acquaintance. Thanks to Elios – Милість! for the positive experience!
D SOS has got a new warehouse thanks to the community service department of Ukrainian Orthodox Church and beneficiary of the Church in honour of the Mother of God of the Life-giving Spring, archpriest Valeriy Semanets. It is cosy, warm and spacious and needs volunteers’ hands.
Dozens of packets and hundreds of kilograms of things both for adults and chidren are waiting to be packed into boxes.
Every evening our coordinators and volunteers work their – pack humanitarian supplies. Our girls send more than a ton of boxes to the East during a week. Consolidating efforts with the priests and the parish, we gave fresh bread to the Volunteer Hundred in Frolovskaya str 9/11. We are grateful to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for the fruitful co-operation and hope for new interesting joint projects!
Friends! Join our united team!

To become a volunteer, contact our call centre 0 800 30 911 0 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.!
Help by refilling our bank account!
Together we are strong!